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From now on, anything less than 120bpm will be posted on Sunday nights. 

Because it makes sense.

Finally some new pressure from Wolf Cub, a personal favorite ever since discovering his fantastic track “Treefinger” which was featured here.

With this track, we hear some massively impressive, slow, almost tribal house music. Trance-inducing would be a good way to put it, but don’t worry, it’s not trance. The mood is intense, almost like a train is coming that you’re going to miss.  Then at 4:44, he makes everyone stop what they’re doing, take it all in, and walk it out once the beat returns at the 5:00 mark.

I can’t speak more highly for the work this guy is doing, and I’m consistently excited to see what comes out next.  He’s part of the Transmission Collective Blog, which I also highly suggest tuning into.  Be sure to follow on SoundCloud, and always:


Wolf Cub - Weissensee
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I was surprised when I found the bpm of this song to be 110, because it feels so much faster.  When I envision dancing to it, I see two-stepping all over the floor.

It is, in fact, slower than normal, but entirely danceable. Wolfcub, a member of the intriguing Transmission Collective Blog,  seems to have created a musical illusion.  I won’t name-drop or compare the vocal effects to another well-known artist, because that wouldn’t do the song justice. It lies in a realm of sound that is fresh, and entirely it’s own.

Be sure to follow this UK man’s direction on SoundCloud, and as always:


Wolfcub - Treefinger