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Oh, good lord in heaven.

Finally, the unbearably gorgeous UKG track that was featured on Four Tet’s FabricLive compilation is released, and stamped by the artist himself.  

Persian’s first release was in 1991, a drum and bass EP, if you can believe it.  He’s kept it up through the years, and somehow this track has surfaced.  I couldn’t divulge the history behind it, other than it was so obscure that Kieren Hebdan had to ask a Discogs user to rip it from wax for his compilation.

That’s how good it is. A golden-era, timeless thing of beauty.

The three remaining tracks included on this release are a spectacle.  We find Persian proceeding to hit the world with some bigger-than-life ragga beats, and end with a soulful rework that will get the bedroom bangin’.  Be sure to order it before it’s gone for good, and catch up with Persian on his SoundCloud. As always:


Persian - Feel Da Vibe
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