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I can’t for the life of me figure out why Alex Agore blesses us with all these unsigned tracks. Anything found on his SoundCloud is uploaded for pure enjoyment, or as he calls it: “My home for unfinished tracks.” Unfinished? I think not.

I can easily see, hear, and feel this track on vinyl. In fact, I’m kind of praying that it happens. With the jackin’ US Garage vibe and raw drum loops, the presence of a needle hitting the grooves is almost necessary.  Alex layers masterfully throughout all seven minutes of it, never losing the listeners’ attention. Once the hardcore piano chords make their way in, you’ll get lost in it.

Alex was recently featured on the first vinyl release from Wilson Records; a limited-edition 4-track banger showcasing amazing deep house talents. Order that here before it sells out and you get super-bummed. Be on the lookout for a big 2012 in store for him, and as always:


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Alex Agore - Take Me
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TLC’s CrazySexyCool was the first CD I ever purchased. If you feel like doing the math, I was seven years old. I recently asked my parents what the hell they were thinking when they let me save up money to buy the album and a boombox, considering its sexual and explicit nature. Their only response was that they loved me, and I loved TLC.

Leave it to say, that album shaped my life. I was a child who adored and admired soulful, powerful women in music, and still do to this day.

When I saw D.Fine had released an EP based around and sampling “Creep,” I kind of lost my cool. It only makes sense, considering all the 90’s R&B revival hype in house music lately. The original track is a classic, synth-laced banger, starting off the EP of remixes just right. And then Pur Sim ends it all with a fond farewell that begs for a rewind. Fast-paced with huge sub-bass and fantastic vocal sampling, it does beautiful justice to the original.

This EP has been released on Burn Toast Records, and I’m praying it gets some more (well-deserved) love in the blogosphere. You can see that Pur Sim has very little tracks on his SoundCloud at the moment, and I’m also praying this is due to some labels snatching him up after hearing this. Be sure to copp this EP from your favorite digital distros, and as always:


D.Fine - Creep (Pur Sim Remix)

All exclusive tracks from passionate artists, gathered by passionate bloggers.
PRESENTED BY:Generic People The Leaving SceneLife CrushedThe Soul Electronic

01. Apple Bottom - Girl Cry02. George Jetson - Birthday Sex03. Sarp Yilmaz - Disco Inferno04. Lex - What Else05. Mosis - Waiting Games06. The Blank - Say It All07. Sibian & Faun - Remember08. Stavrogin - Interval09. Mig Dfoe - Zero10. Deadbit - Collided11. Strict Face - Bad Girls Ha (JD’s Club Fuck)12. Nehuen - I Was There13. Adlane - I Feel Good14. Dro Carey - Gunmouth15. Memotone - They Feel It Moving16. Tony Devotion - King V.2




All exclusive tracks from passionate artists, gathered by passionate bloggers.

Generic People 
The Leaving Scene
Life Crushed
The Soul Electronic


01. Apple Bottom - Girl Cry
02. George Jetson - Birthday Sex
03. Sarp Yilmaz - Disco Inferno
04. Lex - What Else
05. Mosis - Waiting Games
06. The Blank - Say It All
07. Sibian & Faun - Remember
08. Stavrogin - Interval
09. Mig Dfoe - Zero
10. Deadbit - Collided
11. Strict Face - Bad Girls Ha (JD’s Club Fuck)
12. Nehuen - I Was There
13. Adlane - I Feel Good
14. Dro Carey - Gunmouth
15. Memotone - They Feel It Moving
16. Tony Devotion - King V.2


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Euphoria is the goal, and it’s been achieved by Dirty Culture.

"Password To Your Heart" is essentially a spiritual glimpse into dancefloor bliss.  The unrelenting, uplifting, straight-up piano work here is other-worldly. Setting the mood behind the scenes of the production are the understated vocal samples, meticulously placed in order to make the song whole. 

Tudor-Radu Barbu began his dive into deep house culture at the age of fourteen, and is still crushin’ hearts nine years later. This month he’s released two more fantastic remixes for Chocolate Avenue and Italy’s Refresh, both of which will require spinbacks at the drop. 

This EP has been released on Techsoul Records, and is available from any of your favorite digital distros. Be sure to stay in touch with Dirty Culture on his SoundCloud, and as always:


Dirty Culture - Password To Your Heart
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Let’s up the tempo real quick…

With his recent release of the HYTZ / Feels So Right EP on Unknown to the Unknown, Checan is pretty hot on the radar. It’s refreshing to see that he cares less about what’s “cool” in the scene, and more about the sounds that get everyone on the floor elated.

Remixing Destiny’s Child’s #1 hit is kind of an intense endeavor, given it could have gone horribly wrong. But this guy knows exactly what he’s doing, how he’s doing it, and why he’s doing it. Tag this track with whatever hash-tagged, imaginary genre you want, it won’t matter. It’s just fast and rad.

He’s giving this away as a free download on his Facebook page once you’ve “liked” it. No complaints here. Check more on his SoundCloud, and as always:


[Ay yo HurfyD. Don’t worry, I know… #toolate]

Checan - Billz Billz Billz
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It’s been about seven years since I’ve been to a rave. I’m talking about the real ones; where you had to hear about it from a friend, call an info line, get a map-point, and take a shuttle to the location in some run-down warehouse district.

I’m not completely naive in thinking that every party-goer there was solely interested in the music, but I can confidently say that it was the aspect uniting all of the people.  I’m writing this because after speaking with my boy Brian from Life Crushed last night, we’ve been getting bummed about lack of unity and passion for music in our local nightlife. I really just want to find a party where everyone cares more about the DJ set than getting wasted and possibly rubbing on someone.

I can’t imagine this song being played anywhere in San Francisco, which is daunting to think about considering its passionate history for house music. I wish these pounding grooves and underground vibes would be showcased, uniting people and inspiring movement on the dancefloor. I can’t say too much more about this song, other than I love it, and hope you do as well.

Martijn Hodgson’s been doing this for a while now, and I’ve got nothing but love for the sounds he’s producing. You can listen to more on his website, and check out the Greelpound record label that has put this forth this release. Keep the vibe alive, and as always:


Martijn - Just Doing My Things
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It’s kind of fascinating when a vinyl release sells out within a month, and little-to-no hype exists around it.  I suppose it’s telling that a community exists which is not bound to the internet, and cares more about providing love than providing press.

That aesthetic is profound in Washerman’s Kutz From The Basement EP, in which a community of underground has lovers have fully supported an immense release.  Gianni Siravo’s first release was in ‘98, and more than a decade later he’s going strong.

In “Basement Chord” the listener is immersed in jackin’ beats, and retro chords. Repetition is key here, giving way to euphoria and the need to dance. Bigger than life, organic and raw, this is not to be missed out on.

This has been released via the Drumpoet Community, a Zurich-based label active since 2006. It’s available digitally, and I’ve only found one record shop that appears to have a copy of the otherwise sold-out vinyl available. Siravo likely has some large releases in store this year, so stay connected on his SoundCloud, and as always:


Washerman - Basement Chord
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I feel as if I’ve been wrapped in a warm, glow-in-the-dark blanket. Like someone turned off all the lights in the club and said, “here, this will make you feel good.”

What Harry Wolfamn has produced seems destined to mend broken hearts; to provide comfort and love.  This all sounds very PLUR, but I’m here to tell you that no drugs will be needed in order to start peaking.  The moment begins at 1:20 when the bass drops and the vocals appear, causing the spin/twirl/two-step possession of your body.

There is something very disco about this, to the extent that I was concerned the BPM was going to be too slow for me to feature it here (115 minimum). Needless to say, I was over-joyed to find it sitting at a comfortable, nostalgic 120. I think djs could slow this down or speed this up, and the vibe would remain exactly the same.

This is out now on Kote Records, a fantastic digital label from the UK featuring deep house at its very best. You can purchase this from BeatPort to ensure a good time at any party, dj or not. Harry also appears to be a party planner, being co-owner and resident of Wolfstock Events. Keep up to date with him on SoundCloud, and, as always:


Harry Wolfman - Don't You Know
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I can’t really pretend that this is a “rare” find, seeing as four copies are available on Discogs for $2.00 right now. But that doesn’t make it less special.

I think I was rummaging through Amoeba Records in San Francisco when I found this.  If you’ve been there, you know that it was once a bowling alley, and is now packed with aisles of every musical medium imaginable. The dollar bins are located on the lower shelves, which means my ass is generally seated on the concrete floor, praying that people don’t kick me as they walk the aisles.

So, once again, getting my hands (and ass) dirty in the bins, I do believe I struck gold. There’s something terribly familiar about this track, although I was less than 10 years old when it was released (1992). The original must have gotten some radio play here (reaching #30 in the UK). Norman Cook appears in the credits for each remix, and for humble reasons unknown to me, does not appear in the track titles. The titles of the tracks are instead labeled by vibe, this one being the club vibe. I don’t really know how to describe this one, other than it gets me moving, and makes me happy.

Really glad you guys are digging this new section; looks like Sunday is working out pretty sweet. You can revisit the past few Dollar Bin entries here, and we’ll get back to current house music tomorrow. As always:


Shinehead - Jamaican In New York (Club House)
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With five skillfully crafted bangers on this EP, it was nearly impossible to choose one track to feature. I chose the easy way out, because the title track will engulf the listener and command their attention toward the rest of the EP.

I’m a little bummed I didn’t feature this last month when it originally dropped, but its timelessness makes me feel less guilty. Almost a year ago, having fallen in love with Kashii’s signature sound, I asked him if I could feature any unreleased tracks of his. He was kind enough to drop “Fire” which I was in love with (write-up here), and actually ended up on this EP. Turns out it was a perfect precursor for what would soon come. 

On the title track, it’s almost as if he chose a dj-unfriendly intro in order to say, “You should probably start your set with this one.” Once those restless, throwback synths make their way in, party-goers should be making the ceilings drip. The half-time claps create a never-ending energy, encompassed by vocals driving the rave aesthetic.

This EP is available digitally from your favorite online distros via Southern Fried Records, who’ve chosen a perfect way to begin 2012. Listen to more from Kashii on his SoundCloud, and keep your fingers crossed for a full album in the near future. As always:


Kashii - House Culture
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As far as I can tell, there is no vocal sampling of Aaliyah on this release.

Instead, there is simply deep, deep house. And thank god for that. Laurie Shenoda has been part of London’s Hypercolour crew since its humble beginnings, dropping the third release for the label back in 2007.  He’s now spreading his wings, if you will, for the Fear of Flying label, and taking house music to higher grounds.

The textured, organic percussion on this track is truly a thing to behold. Turned up loud on a good sound system, the drum patterns will easily infect the dancefloor.  Vocal snippets hold the track together, being caressed by pounding 4/4 bass rhythms. Smooth and sexual, an instant good mood will occur upon hearing this.

The “Mines of Minolta EP” is now available digitally and physically. Obviously I will highly recommend the physical release, because it smells better. Learn a little more about Laurie here, and stay tuned on his SoundCloud. As always:


Shenoda - Night Eater
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NASTY BOY - ! [121bpm]

Some of my most treasured moments in the desert were the ones where I found myself dancing alone.

If you’ve been to Burning Man, you know that there is music everywhere, at all times. Nothing can fully describe the feeling of riding a bike as fast as you can down the “city” streets at 3am, alone, and suddenly being drawn to a full stop in order to dance. It was just me, with the stars shining, barefoot and kicking up dust into a two-step mini-hurricane.

That was the feeling I got upon hearing a clip of this track. Desperate for the full thing, I immediately contacted him, and he was gracious enough to provide me (and listeners of this blog) the track in its entirety. I could describe this track’s perfectly minimal aesthetic, (the pounding bass, groovy keys and soulful vocals), but I think it’s better to envision how,where, and when you’d dance to this. 

This one’s currently unsigned, but Italian house producer Niko has some big offerings for the coming year. Keep up to date with releases and unsigned tracks on his SoundCloud, and always:


Nasty Boy - !
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Do you ever selfishly hold on to something beautiful because you wish that nobody in the world would know but you? That’s exactly how I felt about this track.

Karl Moestl has crafted a five track EP centered around life and beauty, aptly titled “The Life EP.” The progression through this EP takes the listener on a spacial journey of deep, gorgeous intensity. Each track is poetically titled, and upon listening can be immediately understood.

Most intense of these tracks is easily today’s chosen one.  With a throbbing, crunchy beat from the get-go, Karl then throws in some effects that may come across as sexual vocal samples.  Percussion is minimal here, as the production is centered entirely around the immense power of electronic instruments, and the atmosphere that sneaks in from the background.  Suddenly, we’re trapped in the song, and don’t want to get out.

Released this week on Defusion Records, you don’t want to go your life without hearing it. Show some love on Karl Moestl’s website, then preview all the tracks on Beatport. And, as always:


Karl Moestl - Life is Changing, You Can't Change That
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This is that peak-time dancefloor business.

[Aura]’s forthcoming EP gives a strong nod to the classics. The original track throws us some punchy, Chicago-tinged rhythms with gritty drums, deep groovy bass, and a kitschy hook that ravers of the world will find familiar and comforting. On the flip, Terrence Dixon shows his Detroit Techno roots with a spaced-out, uplifting and minimal take on the track. 

Then Justin Drake goes in. ALL in. Equipped with raw percussion and a perfectly chosen sample of the original, this track does no wrong.  This pounds at your feet and invokes some kind of spiritual two-step victory dance. He’s upped the vocal samples from the original, making them more apparent and hypnotic, while ultimately honoring the original.

Surely not to be missed, Rationalism Records will be releasing this EP digitally on February 28th. But, in the meantime, you can stream all of the tracks here. Look out for more from these guys in 2012, and as always:


[Aura] - Splitting Atoms (Justin Drake Remix)
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Here’s a little slice of heaven for your Sunday morning.

I’m a quiet digger.  I like to be left alone, getting my hands dirty on the hunt for gold in the basements of my local San Francisco record shops.  But when I found transparent red vinyl with the words “Masters at Work” on it, I’m fairly positive the words “OH, FUCK” literally spilled out of my mouth and filled the room.

I can’t find this release anywhere on Discogs, or the internet. It appears to be a collection of pop singles remixed specifically for DJ use back in the day. Let’s not pretend that I was more than 9 years old when this was put on wax, because that would be ridiculous.  The nostalgia attached to this doesn’t have much to do with house music, rather everything to do with Soul II Soul (and the Ace of Base remix on the flip).  That was my shit. 

I really hope you guys enjoy this new endeavor of THE DOLLAR BIN on the site. I can’t quite decide what day of the week is most fitting, but let’s stick with Sundays for now. As always:


Soul II Soul - Back 2 Life (Masters At Work Remix)