1. Artful Dodger - Please Don’t Turn Me On (Disclosure Remix)
2. Chaos in the CBD - Pale Moonlight (Mak & Pasteman Remix)
3. Ejeca - Night Rays
4. The Phantom - I’m Bangin’
5. Oli Furness - If I Was (ft. Elise)



1. The New Tower Generation - House
2. New Jack City - Back in the Dayz
3. Detroit Swindle - I Gotta Know
4. Kaspar - Got Good Love
5. Deep88 - The Vibe 



1. Citizen - Freak Like
2. Cloud 9 - Do You Want Me Baby (Dusky Remix)
3. Lorca - Love Like This
4. Ben Pearce - What I Might Do (Harry Wolfman Remix)
5. AlunaGeorge - Your Love, your Drums (Duke Dumont Remix) 



It was sunset in the desert. We couldn’t see five feet in front of us all day as the dust storms were raging through the playa. I ventured off alone, praying the dust would settle as the night arrived and the party would start. 

I could hear a DJ spinning deep house off in the distance; a beacon of hope amidst the onslaught of awful, drug-addled electro that littered the streets.  I found myself dancing to DJ Hohme's set; one that would cause a panic and excitement I couldn't possibly have foreseen.

The heart-wrenching vocals of Allure began filtering into his continuous mix, saying “holding me, touching me, I don’t want nobody else” as the dust began to settle. The anxiety was peaking as I couldn’t bear not knowing who produced the song, and would be without technology or connection to the music world for another five days.

This subsided as the song reached its peak and I allowed myself to just feel it; wholly enveloped by every note. The rest is history.

Turns out it was Finnebassen’s “Touching Me,” as was discovered by the immediate google search performed once we returned to humanity. I dove head-first into every single track I could get my hands on, and have been listening to nearly nothing else for the past month.

It only made sense to create a continuous mix out of his current discography. With the official release of his “What You Do EP" tomorrow, I thought it good timing to present an homage and a celebration of the artist. 

Dive deep into the work of Finnebassen, and enjoy the mix. 


01. Finnebassen - When Doves Cry
02. Finnebassen - Such A High
03. Finnebassen - If You Only Knew
04. Finnebassen - Touching Me
05. Finnebassen - I’m in Love With You
06. Jade - Every Day of the Week (Finnebassen Monday Remake)
07. Finnebassen - What You Do
08. Finnebassen - Daydreaming in Oslo
09. Caribou - Jamelia (Finnebassen Edit)
10. Finnebassen - Babies
11. James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream (Finn Pilly Sneaky Edit)




1. Lakosa & iO - Home Early
2. Jack Fell Down ft. Emma Rossi - Need in You 
3. Urulu - Tell Me
4. LKID - Circles
5. Citizen - You Give Me That Something 



1. Nemanja KrsticNovi Beograd Underground
2. The Scene Feat. Franz B. Werner - Lab 
3. Slowhouse 003Untitled 2
4. T. RuggieriCrack in the Soul
5. Washerman - Just A Touch 



This blog is changing.
Simplicity is the new vibe. 
Every week a new five song mixtape.
And that’s it.
Much love. 


1. DisclosureBoiling (ft. Sinead Harnett) (Medlar Remix)
2. Jeremy SylvesterI’m in Love With a DJ (Vocal Mix)
3. Urulu - Reason With Me
4. A1 BasslineDaft
5. Tom FlynnWarm Keys

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Well, that was an awful hiatus.

Fortunately, house music still exists when I’m gone. I’ve been hiding this track for a few months now; convincing myself that I’m preserving its raw beauty by not sharing it. How ridiculous is that?

I’m on more of a magical sunset vibe recently, and what this San Francisco duo have put forth is exactly the mood that needs to be set. It’s exactly what the Bay Area feels like right now, and hopefully every other corner of the world can feel that, too.

Digging deep into their vaults they’ve compiled something of an homage to Kerri Chandler and Mood II Swing, and they did it just right. 

Now available digitally, but always preferred physically, you can listen to more from Fred Everything and Olivier Desmet. Get deep, and as always:


Fred Everything & Olivier Desmet - It's Damaged (V.2)
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I’m gonna suggest you stop reading this and just go buy the vinyl before it’s too late.

This is one of those “where the f*ck did this come from?” moments. New Parisian label That’s Some Serious Shit Records has put forth their first release, and Nicolas Aftalion is setting the standard for things to come.

I’m fully aware that I’m a sucker for anything limited edition; it comes with the territory. But what they’ve put together here is actually special, and the 300 people that will end up with this in their collections are forever united by high-powered sounds and intimate house vibes. 

The standout banger is hands-down the title track, “The Urge To Luv,” which recalls the never-fail recipe of female vocal snippets and huge amounts of negative space within percussion and synth. On the flip are the slow-burners for the after hours house-heads.

Hopefully you’ve ordered your copy by the time you read this sentence. Follow That’s Some Serious Shit on FaceBook for all good things to come, and as always:


Nicolas Aftalion - I Don't Need Or Want Much
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What kind of magic is this? Just wait until that piano comes in at 1:00 and you’ll feel it, too.

This is basically all I care to listen to today; those Marvin Gaye vocals tearing at my soul and some kind of spiritual dancefloor heaven making me peak, rolling around in starry synths and feeling nothing but love. Fuck a pill, this is my serotonin elevation.

This has been released as a digital exclusive on Beatport, and thankfully on vinyl as well from my new favorite label Claap. The original as well as the GummiHz remix are well-worth mentioning, although deeper and more intense than today’s featured remix. Check out more from Bodj as well as the forever astounding Argy, and as always:


Bodj - Every Day (Argy's Love Mix)
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I wasn’t even sure if it was necessary to put words to this, as it literally speaks for itself. But it deserves love, verbally or otherwise.

I found it sitting in a pile of used records at my local shop, with no description other than the words “Too Shai (vox),” and knew the odds of it being bad were slim. The fact that this shop has no vinyl listening station is partially annoying, but also sparks intense anticipation to get home and throw it all on the table. 

Then it was placed on my deck, and sure enough, within the first few beats I was completely taken. It’s gems like this that I live for, and hope it never stops being as exciting. A little searching led to me to find that this is the last in a series of releases by Joshua, a fellow Californian with a knack for 2step. 

As a token of my love for all of you, I’ve ripped the vinyl into mp3 format, but still highly suggest you purchase the vinyl (and all the other ones in the series.) 


Catch up on previous episodes of The Dollar Bin, and as always:


Shai - If I Ever Fall In Love (Joshua Remix)
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If this track doesn’t make your day brighter, I’m not sure what will.

In the original we hear subtle, smooth jazzy sax, which highly contrasts the bass-heavy vibes in the beginning, but in a way that is calming rather than concerning. Harry Wolfman decided to extract that calm, and infuse even it with even more jazz.  He highlights that sax to make it a standout sound, while adding a piano sample that is so unexpected, you can’t help but wake up from whatever daydream you were having.

This one will be released June 11th on forthcoming Carrot Records label, but for now you can visit Star One’s SoundCloud page for some more garage-y vibes, and head to Harry Wolfman’s page for more deepness.  Check Harry’s track featured here a few months back, which completely blew me away. As always:


photo credit

Star One ft. Sarah Lillie - Respect (Harry Wolfman Remix)
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Honest moment: I wasn’t immediately in love with this original song or video.

BUT THEN this producer comes along and creates a sick, sick obsession within me over those vocals. Beginning with what feels like the most basic 4x4 beat in the universe, those chords sneak in along with the vocal snippets and completely envelop the listener, bursting into powerful repetition and classic garage percussion.

I originally discovered HNNY via his feature on the amazing 10” EP for Studio Barnhus, where he belts out a pounding Mariah Carey remix with Kornel Kovacs’ “Down Since ‘92" on the flip. Listening back to that, I have to say I didn’t see something like this coming.

Regardless, he is a force to be reckoned with, and easily a contender for my top songs of the year thus far. Listen to more on his SoundCloud, and be on the lookout for the official release from Hybris/Best Fit Recordings on June 25th. And, as always:


FAYE - Water Against the Rocks (HNNY's Hunny Mix)
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What started out as a personal DJ tool has morphed itself into a full-blown masterful release from Chicago native Andrew Emil.

I’m sure if I heard this played live I’d immediately bum-rush the dj booth and demand a track ID, which is likely what happened here. AE’s sampling of Lutricia McNeal’s “Stranded" sparks an immediate emotional attachment to the song, not to mention the familiar rumblings of late 90’s UKG nostalgia.

"AE’s Dub Editorial Vol. 1" is the first vinyl release from this producer’s fresh label, and if the coming EPs are anything like this one, I’ll surely be starting a new collection. Andrew unleashed this track on his SoundCloud several months ago, then titled “Stranded (AE’s Dub Edit),” and it appears to have inspired an entire collection of 2-step dubs, which are all sounding on-point based on the samples. Grab this on vinyl before it’s too late, and as always:


AE - Dubded
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"After four years of wanting to put together a digital label," Todd Edwards unleashes Nu Trend Music, and a banger release to boot.

This song has been kicking around for some time in radio shows and dj sets, and the world should feel blessed to behold its official release. When it comes to producers that are universally trusted with making quality, classic UK Garage, Todd is in the top tier. Good luck figuring out the vocal samples. In fact, if you do, hit me up.

The EP includes the original, an alternate and a sunshine mix. It should be available shortly on all good digital sites, but the first one I found was on Boomkat.  Look out for more from the label, and of course check Todd’s SoundCloud for more goodness. As always:


Todd Edwards - Love Inside