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Some more pop edits. Really stoked on these.

The goal is to spotlight great instrumental producers, so please be sure to check out the original tracks.

Always available upon request, too.

Much love, y’all.

Little edit I made to bring in the New Year at Beaux in San Francisco tonight. If you’re in the Castro, come dance with us!

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A weekly mixtape series spotlighting San Francisco royalty.


QUEEN: Jem Jehova []
PHOTO: Dark Room SF []


1. Corona - Rhythm of the Night (Blonde Remix)
2. Julio Bashmore ft. Jessie Ware - Peppermint
3. MK ft. Alana - Always (NY Stomp Remix)
4. Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman (Trikk Edit)
5. Lucas - Dirty Love

My new mixtape series, spotlighting San Francisco royalty.

QUEEN: Drew Landerman []
PHOTO: Kegan Marling []


1. Shift K3Y - Make it Good
2. Ce Ce Peniston - Finally (Playless Remix)
3. Rektchordz - Higher (Chris Gresswell Remix)
4. Friend Within - The Renegade
5. Soul Circuit - Smokefunksmack


It’s time to put on my big boy pants and be a dj.
Wish me luck everyone.

I like talking shit on the internet.
So, please hit me up on twitter. 

Love you all, thanks for 3 years of rad.



My friends at work begin to drool when they hear a girl with a Spanish accent. It’s like watching that wolf character on Looney Tunes when his jaw hits the floor and and a horn begins to honk. I didn’t exactly understand the fascination until I heard Velvet Tux's newest release.

Dripping with sexuality, the female vocalist beckons. Not necessarily singing, and technically unintelligible to the English-only listener, it doesn’t really matter. 

While the original serves laid-back, cheeky synths and garage percussion on a silver platter, Kevin Parrish's remix heightens the sexual tension already present. You can't help but find yourself half-drunk in some dimly-lit, middle-of-nowhere bar, watching the girl in cutoff denim shorts and a black tank top dancing under the multicolored festive lights strung from the ceiling.

Chasing Toulouse is a new label, quickly getting their feet wet in the scene with their first release. Grab this EP for free by liking their Facebook page, you won’t be mad about it. 


About a year ago I was a really fucking good “blogger.” Diligent, insatiable, and compulsive to say the least. A track a day, Monday through Friday.

And it was because I was mining for gold like this.

Fenbred has produced a song that makes me physically anxious with the need to share. It makes me pray that someone else understands how affected I am spiritually when listening to it.

Emotional. Dance. Music.

What the fuck else could you possibly mean by “EDM”?

Curated by Petit Records, only 300 people will end up owning the physical manifestation of this track. They’re the passionate people I want to be surrounded with. Not the club-kid acquaintances, or the basic-at-best eye candy on the dancefloor.

I wanna be with the people that never stop hunting.

Order this.
Get lifted.
Show love.

Ep. 011 [04 07 13] by TheLeavingScene


01. Danny J Lewis - U Know I Like It (Harddrive Homage Mix)
02. No Artificial Colors - Crying Wolf (ft. Alex Mills)
03. Medlar - Knockard Pearl (Detroit Swindle Remix)
04. Shenoda - Love Thing
05. Squarehead- Unreal
06. Them Jeans - Glass House
07. Leftwing & Kody - You Were
08. Brame & Klansee - Alright
09. Rhode & Brown - Under Your Spell
10. Rogue McGowin- Status Quo
11. Jammhot - Times When It Was Good
12. Groucho Marx - All That Mattered (Donga & Blake Re-Edit)



1. Marco M Bernd - Horizon II
2. Cassio Kohl - Legendary
3. Tomson - 90fo
4. J. Wiltshire - Closer
5. Known Artists- It’s Titled (G)



1. Justin Timberlake - Suit & Tie (Julio Bashmore Remix)
2. Squarehead - No One Has to Know
3. Citizen - So Submissive
4. Route 94 - Forget the Girl
5. Gorgon City - Real



1. Matthew Blaque - Perfect Lover
2. Ejeca - Give Me Up
3. Steffi - Yours (Medlar Remix)
4. Dusky - Nobody Else
5. Borai - Moonlight on the Malago